Welcome to the STANSW Young Scientist Project Portal. Here you can:

  • Submit a project to the Young Scientist Awards program (note, students must have a responsible adult register before uploading a project)
  • View and edit your entry, or if you’re a teacher, the entries of your students
  • Access past projects for inspiration

Submit a project:

1. Register or log in

Teachers, parents or other adults with oversight of the project can register to upload a student's project

2. Submit project

Once registered, you can access the submission form. Note: schools can provide a HubID to make submission easier (see below).

3. View or edit entry

View all the projects you have submitted and make edits up until the closing date.
(Hub Contacts can view all projects submitted with their HubID)


Easy entry with HubID

The person in charge of Young Scientist entries for a school or organisation should register as a Hub Contact. The HubID can then be shared with all participants. Entering a HubID makes sure your entry is linked to the correct school and can be seen (but not edited) by the Hub Contact.



Preview entry form

Not registered?

Preview the entry form here

Preview entry form


Past projects

Looking for inspiration? View past projects here. Prize-winners are invited to have their projects featured on the project portal.